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It was 2012, I’d been gluten free for five years and not once had I found a sweet treat that totally cured my insatiable cravings.

There were the dry cakes and crumbly cookies that always left me wanting more. Oh, and don’t forget the super chewy, dense brownies that lacked in flavor and the muffins that seriously missed the mark in texture. As you can imagine, every bite left me dreaming of a world where gluten free and delicious could be used the same sentence.

I was young, fresh out of culinary school, and had larger than life ambitions. 

I wanted to change the way Celiacs ate. I wanted Celiacs everywhere to live a life full of abundance and tasty food that satisfied their every craving.

I wanted Celiacs to sleep peacefully at night knowing that their tummies were not only full but were happy.

I spent five years running a brick and mortar bakery, obsessing over creating the perfect gluten free flour blends; testing and reformulating each blend until I got them just right. And that’s when I chose to share them with the world!

At RylieCakes we aspire to embody a balance of the best life has to offer.

We are a fusion of comfort food at its finest and healthy recipes to fuel all your body’s needs. We believe in fulfilling our guilty desires, while still finding a place for fresh fruit and crunchy veggies in our lives. And we aspire to live a life full of adventure that ends with loved ones gathered around a big kitchen table every night.

We believe in buying local when possible and organic when beneficial.

We strongly encourage those around us to be aware of their impact on Planet Earth and to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost whenever possible.

We are insanely passionate about food and the genuine happiness it creates.

At RylieCakes, we wish for you to find joy in cooking, a whole lot of sweetness in baking, and a trust that our products will keep you safe while curing all your cravings.

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