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What To Do If You’ve Been GLUTENATED!

Some folks refer to it as being “glutenized” or “glutened”. We could just make it easy and call it straight up poisoning too… Whatever you choose, it’s all the same and dealing with gluten in your system as a celiac is a nightmare.

Even if you’ve been eating a strict gluten free diet for years or even decades (yoohoo, that’s me!), you’re still at risk for either:

  • consuming gluten directly (likely by accident)
  • consuming gluten indirectly through cross-contamination (also by accident)

No matter how it happens, it happens to the best of us! No matter how many questions we ask, labels we read, or phone calls we make to check-in with manufacturers, from time to time, we all get GLUTENATED.

WOMP. WOMP. WOMP. LOL – something we say in my family 🤪

So here is what I do when I find myself glutenated…And you should note, I’m actually writing this post from my couch as I am recovering from a cross-contamination glutenization.

1. Remind yourself that you are going to feel + experience the following: forgetfulness, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, fatigue, headaches, body aches, cramping, heat flashes, and brain fog. THIS IS OKAY, let yourself feel + experience all of these emotions. You can’t fix them right away so don’t fight them. Practice on being a human BEING, not a human doing.

2. Rest, rest, rest, rest rest. It’s like the Rihanna song but the exact opposite 🤣. Your body is going to need a lot of rest. When gluten enters our guts, our bodies are alerted that a foreign enemy is present and an immune response is triggered. Just like a cold or a flu, our bodies are working hard to fight off the intruder. You are most likely going to be exhausted anyways so just let yourself sleep.

Earlier this week we actually arranged for Ben to go into work 2 hrs later than usual so he could watch the puppies and I could sleep in. I had gone to bed at 9p the night before and slept straight through till 9:30a the next morning AND I was still exhausted. It just takes times. Give yourself the time + rest you need.

3. Take some activated charcoal. Charcoal is a highly absorbent matter that can capture + bind to toxins in the body. When the charcoal is flushed out of your system, so are the toxins.

You can also try a digestive enzyme supplement like GlutenEase, which can provide your body with extra enzymes to help break down the gluten in your gut. To be honest, I have never had any luck with this but I know many celiacs who swear by it. As always, you need to figure out what works best for you body.

4. HYDRATE. Drink all the water in the world! This will help flush out your system – removing most toxins – and will help keep you hydrated (obvi). This is especially important if you’ve been vomiting or have diarrhea – and there’s a good chance you’ve had at least one of the two if you’ve been glutenated.

Coconut water is great as its full of electrolytes though you can always add electrolytes to your water as well. These are the electrolytes I use and I actually drink them daily, not just when I’ve been glutenated.

5. Eat simple + well. The first few days of glutenization I try to eat as simple as possible; ya know things that are easy for your gut to digest. Trust me, your body is working hard enough as is to eliminate the poison, don’t make it work to survive too!

Try items like toast, potatoes, rice, broth, apples in any form, bananas, oatmeal, eggs whites, and lightly seasoned chicken or fish. Yes, it’s boring but it helps tremendously, even if you just do it for a day!

When you’re up for more exciting foods, keep your gut in mind – what’s good for inflammation? What foods are good for your immune system? Remember, food is medicine and your body is a temple. Eating well can go a long way in not only helping you to recover but in keeping you healthy moving forward.

6. Take a hot bubble bath with Epsom salt. This will relax your muscles and your mind! It is my go-to therapy for all things in life but I honestly think the hot water and Epsom salt helps draw out toxins as well…though there are no scientific studies that prove this. Even if it is totally mental, why not do it?! Your body, mind, + soul could use the relaxation anyway 💖

I know these steps are nothing earth shattering but unfortunately, there’s no medication or fast-moving remedy to remove gluten from your system; it just takes time. Give yourself some grace + much needed rest, in 4-7 days you’ll be back at it and so grateful you’re feeling good again!

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Lick the Bowl, It’s Gluten Free!

Tara Rylie