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Sleep Your Way to Success

Hey Y’all,

Big hugs to each + every one of you quarantine warriors! It feels SO STRANGE to think it is almost June and even weirder to think the world is going back to “normal”…whatever that means…but moving on 😉

I’m writing today because I was asked by oodles of folks from the RylieCakes community (through IG, Facebook, + my newsletter) to speak more about ME. And damn did I avoid this request for awhile now.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m pretty much an open book – you can ask me anything! I can practically talk to anyone! I am 100% a people person. Buuuuuttttt I have a hard time turning those would-be conversations over a cup of coffee or wine into social media chatter.

However, after talking with a friend + blogger last week about how she does it, how she overcame the awkwardness, and how she approaches social media in regards to everyday life, I was inspired. I was clearly overthinking all of it 🤣 So here I am, ready to expand my content + get real with you.

Most of the requests I get are to talk more about entrepreneurship + the behind the scenes of RylieCakes, which I am totally going to do. BUT FIRST, we must talk sleep.

Sleep = LIFE.

There are thousands of books + research studies out there, go ahead and read them ALL. Do what you need to do to believe it, but I kid you not, the better you sleep the more ALIVE you will feel. I can honestly say I hate the phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” because it is so naive, so misguided. Our bodies need sleep to thrive.

Sleep makes our brains more effective + productive when we’re awake, it reduces stress, it improves our memory, it’s a natural painkiller, it helps our bodies fight off infections, it helps to lower blood pressure, it aides in maintaining weight, it helps our hearts, it enriches our souls, it helps fight depression, it builds our immune systems; I mean, should I go on??

If I haven’t made myself clear, I am a huge advocate for getting a good night’s sleep! I personally attribute my success + happiness to sleeping well at night (obviously there are other factors but it all starts with sleep).  And trust me, I spent a decade of my life in chronic pain + not sleeping well – if at all – so I am well aware of all the negatives that come from not sleeping. Perhaps that’s a convo for another post?

Today I wanted to share with you my nighttime routine. My husband says it’s “a lot” – I feel it’s pretty basic, we get a good laugh out of this often. In any case, take what serves you, leave what doesn’t and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I’d be happy to help where I can.


5 Steps to Better Sleep

  1. I aim to eat dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. Obviously life happens and this doesn’t always work out but that’s the goal. If it’s nice out, I like to go for a short walk after dinner to help me move a little before slowing down for the night.
  2. Right before heading up to bed I drink 1 oz of Mary Ruth’s liquid sleep multimineral. I can’t tell you why this stuff works but I am OBSESSED with it. I struggled for years with restless leg syndrome at night; it kept me up until 2 or 3 in the morning multiple nights a week. Since I’ve started using Mary Ruth’s on a regular basis, I not only fall asleep but I stay asleep for 7-9 hours a night!
  3. Once I get upstairs I brush my teeth, wash my face, moisturize, all the jazz.
  4. Then I crawl into bed where the first thing I do is put lavender essential oil on the bottoms of my feet, on the inside of my wrists, and on my temples. It smells good + is oh so relaxing.
  5. Finally, I put on my Manta weighted eye mask which blacks out ALL LIGHT and applies a light pressure to my face. After fitting it perfectly to my face, I push the mask up onto the forehead. I then read for 20-45 minutes until I’m feeling extra sleepy. Then I slide my mask right back down over my eyes and pass out.

It’s that easy and damn do I sleep better now than I ever have before! I wake up refreshed, fueled, + ready to take on the day. Plus, I have energy all day long! It is incredible!!!

What do you think? Is it a lot? Or just right? Are you willing to give it a try? Let me know your thoughts below or join the convo on Instagram or Facebook.

I’m super excited to chat more with y’all moving forward. If there is anything you’d like to hear about – from gluten free living to gardening to yoga to business – just let me know!

Lick the Bowl, It’s Gluten Free!

Tara Rylie