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RylieCakes Product Life Cycle

The older I get, the more I find this insanely rich connection to nature. I love to be outdoors – be it going for a walk or hike, paddle boarding, kayaking, gardening, or even just reading a good book in the grass on a sunny day. It all feels like home to me and I feel a strong urge to protect my home day in and day out.

I want to live on this gorgeous, abundant, ever growing planet as long as possible and I know in order to do that, we must be one with Mother Nature. We must play our part in the eco-system rather than ignore it entirely. And most importantly, we must give back and take care of our home as it has so generously nurtured us.

Just think about it. The air we breathe – the air we cannot live without – the water we drink to sustain us, two of the most important variables to our survival, are given to us from the earth. Don’t you agree it’s time to show that unconditional love back?

When creating RylieCakes, I wanted my company to be the change. I wanted my company to represent + support what I wished so many other companies and larger corporations would. I will admit that going eco-friendly isn’t an easy task and it’s definitely not the most cost efficient, BUT I strongly believe it is money + time well spent. Businesses today that are adapting eco-friendly, sustainable models are the reason we will have a future on this planet in years + decades to come.

That being said, let’s talk RylieCakes and our product life cycle. All too often as consumers we buy products that we don’t know where they are coming from, who makes them, if they are ethically sourced, if they are sustainably sourced, what they are made out of, or how far they travel to get to us. In fact, most of us NEVER stop to think about any of these factors. We live in a hyper-consumerist society where convenience is king.

But what if we took a step back, took a moment to breathe, and then to research + really dig deep into everything we consumed? I’d like to think you’d shop a little differently, maybe purchase less, and gain a greater realization that where you spend your money matters.

The diagram above is the very basic model of our production life cycle here at RylieCakes. It’s basic because that’s how it should be. Our products are clean, natural, ethically sourced, sustainable, and support other family-owned, local, small businesses. It’s that simple, there’s no fuss.

Some more fun facts that wouldn’t fit on my neat little diagram 😉:

  • Because our packaging is biodegradable, we also use eco-friendly, chemical free dyes. Pretty cool, huh?
  • We often get asked if our products are certified gluten free. Truth be told, they are not certified gluten free because they are manufactured in a DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE FACILITY. No gluten has ever or will ever enter the facility. Again, it’s that simple!
  • The diagram isn’t kidding; I seriously package every single order myself! So you can rest assured it is shipped with love and infused with my gluten free baking powers 🐰🎩✨
  • All our mixes are made from non-gmo ingredients. Boo-yah!
  • Even our cookbook is eco-friendly! By printing the pages of each cookbook on chlorine free paper made from post-consumer waste, we saved: 83 trees, 6,600 gallons of water, + 35,900 pounds of greenhouse gases. Oh, hot damn 🔥

If you ever have any questions about our products, please feel free to reach out: info@ryliecakes.com.

With that, remember to keep it simple-clean-biodegradable-sustainable-green, and never forget to lick the bowl!

Tara Rylie