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Lick the Bowl!

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I cannot wait to unleash the gluten free guru in me!

* 70 recipes and 100+ photos for just $29.95 *

RylieCakes - best gluten free recipes
RylieCakes - best gluten free recipes
RylieCakes - best gluten free recipes
gluten free baking - rylie cakes

Lick the Bowl: RylieCakes Essential Guide to Gluten Free Baking



Because gluten free is here to stay.

If you aren’t sensitive to gluten yourself, I would bet $100 you know someone who is. This book can help you create tasty treats for everyone in your life and if you don’t tell them, they’ll never know your sweet little masterpieces are gluten free!


Because you want to find a love for baking again!

I know when I went gluten free, baking was transformed from this activity I LOVED TO DO in my spare time into this monster, disastrous project. I’d spend my entire paycheck finding all these flours I’d never even heard of before only to end up in tears on the kitchen floor with sunken cupcakes and tasteless cookies.

I’ve overcome all these obstacles in the kitchen so you don’t have too. RylieCakes’ is here to help you slow down and create a space where you can become confident in your baking skills and find joy in baking again.


Because you want to pitch in for you family’s holiday gathering without everyone saying, “Oh, that’s the gluten free dessert…”

Let’s face it; we’ve all been there. We’ve all showed up to a family get-together where no one wants to even taste our food. Well, those days are over! With RylieCakes’ cookbook in your arsenal, your family will be begging you to make more sweet treats to share; they are just that good.


Because it is made with 100% recycled paper!

Remember all those papers you tossed in that blue box for years and years? Perhaps, you weren’t really sure where they ended up but it felt good to recycle. Well, they ended up here, in RylieCakes’ book; all your efforts paid off! Getting your hands on this book is basically like giving Planet Earth a big, heart-felt hug.


Because you want your kids to bring cupcakes to class AND be able to eat them with the other students!

RylieCakes’ sweet treats are designed to bring people together. By providing fuss-free recipes and easy to buy flour mixes, the whole family can enjoy baking together and most importantly, sharing their gluten free goodness with friends and family.


I’ve got to get my hands on this cookbook ASAP!

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