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Basic Baking Substitutions

Hi hi hi! Oh my you guys, what a crazy few weeks it has been! I am truly hoping this post finds you all home, cozy, happy, + healthy. Given that most of us are hunkering down and staying in, I wanted to provide you all with a substitutions guide.

Baking and cooking can both be amazingly therapeutic. They’re calming and creative; plus, you get to make other people happy! On top of that, when following the directions in you a recipe you gain a sense of control, something we could all use a little of right now. So go hop in the kitchen, help yourself release some stress, and eat some damn scrumptious food!

Keep in mind that all substitutes are not perfect but they do the trick 😊


Arrowroot powder: 1 tsp = 1 tsp corn starch

Baking soda: ¼ tsp = 1 tsp baking powder

Baking powder: 1 tsp = ¼ tsp baking soda + ½ tsp cream of tartar

Basil: oregano or thyme

Beans: white, black, kidney, pinto, and chickpeas can all sub for each other, have fun with it!

Bread crumbs: quick cooking oats, rolled oats, or crushed up tortilla and/or potato chips

Brown sugar: 1 cup white sugar + 1 Tbsp molasses

Butter: 8 oz = 6 oz shortening or vegetable oil

Buttermilk: 8 oz = 8 oz milk + 1 Tbsp lemon juice or vinegar

*can use almond and/or soy milk here too

Cocoa: ¼ cup = 1 oz unsweetened chocolate square or chocolate chips

Corn starch: 1 tsp = 1 tsp arrowroot powder or tapioca starch

Corn syrup: 1 cup = 1 cup sugar + ¼ cup water

Chicken: cauliflower, white beans, or tofu

Chives: onion, scallions, or leeks

Cilantro: parsley

Egg: 1 large = 1 smaller banana or ¼ cup applesauce

*1 large egg weighs 1.67 oz so getting near this amount is the goal

Heavy cream: sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk

Honey: Agave or maple syrup

Lemon Juice: Apple cider vinegar

Lemon Zest: 1 tsp = ½ tsp lemon extract

Mustard: 1 Tbsp = ½ tsp ground mustard + 2 tsp vinegar

Oregano: thyme or basil

Rice: brown rice, quinoa, mashed potatoes, cauliflower rice, or pasta

Sage: marjoram, poultry seasoning, or rosemary

Sour Cream: 4 oz = 4 oz mayonnaise or 4 oz yogurt + ½ tsp baking soda

Thickening agent for soups: mashed potatoes, 1 can of beans + 2 Tbsp water blended, or 1 cup roasted cauliflower + 1 Tbsp water blended

Thyme: basil, marjoram, or oregano

Tomato sauce: 2 cups = ¾ cup tomato paste + 1 cup water

White Sugar: 7.5 oz = 7 oz brown sugar

Wine (when cooking): 8 oz = 8 oz apple juice + 2 tsp vinegar


Lick The Bowl, It’s Gluten Free!

Tara Rylie


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