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At RylieCakes, we believe the icing on the cake is never enough… You should have cherries on top, a heck of a lot of sprinkles, and KNOW IT IS SAFE FOR YOU TO EAT!

We think it’s bananas that allergies aren’t clearly stated on everything we eat!! So to honor our feelings and do right by our customers, we label all of our recipes with the eight major allergens as well as note if they contain sugar, are vegan, or raw.

If you see one or more these symbols on the recipe you are making, that means the recipe CONTAINS those major allergen(s).

Please note that ingredients vary from brand to brand.  Be sure to read all ingredient labels thoroughly when purchasing packaged products. For more information on brands I trust, check out products I recommend here.

You may also see the following symbols used to showcase recipes are Vegan and those that are considered Raw (essentially uncooked or not processed in any way):

And the final touch, the oh so sparkly lit candles on the cakes if you will, all RylieCakes products and recipes are and always will be 100% gluten free. So go bake your heart out, cook till you drop, and delightfully devour all the scrumptious, GF goodness you possible can!!

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