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All The Fall Veggies

Hey Y’all, it’s Fall!!!

One of my favorite seasons and a great time to explore seasonal produce, the choices are endless and absolutely delicious. Plus, there are so many benefits to eating produce in season:

  1. It tastes better! Fruit and veggies allowed to naturally ripen on the vine are full of flavor + nutrients.
  2. It’s better for you. Plain and simple, produce grown and consumed in their natural growing season are far more nutrient dense.
  3. It’s usually cheaper. When fruits and veggies are in season, they’re typically more abundant, driving down the the cost.
  4. It’s better for the environment when you buy local. More often than not, buying seasonal veggies goes hand-in-hand with shopping local. By going to your local farmer’s markets, you reduce the distance produce must travel to make it into your home, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

So without further ado, let’s chat fall veggies! Use the guides below to help you plan your meals + menus this fall:

Try RylieCakes Garlic Minced Pork + Eggplant recipe 🍆

Try RylieCakes Brilliant Butternut Squash Bread Pudding – it’s perfect side for Thanksgiving 😉

Try RylieCakes Mushroom Wild Rice, it pairs well with all proteins + tastes even better the next day 🍄


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Lick the Bowl, It’s Gluten Free!

Tara Rylie