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2019 Goals

Don’t go through life, grow through life.

— Eric Butterworth

Hey All!!

If you follow along on Instagram (@ryliecakesgf), you know I made a promise to share more about my 2019 goals, plans, dreams, and resolutions as soon as I was able to put my doodles and chicken scratch into real words that humans could read.  So here I am, doing just that.

2018 was a very trying year for me.  For the first time in my life I didn’t have the opportunity to define myself by my accomplishments.  The 30 years leading up to 2018 I most definitely defined myself by the things I did: Valedictorian, Senior Class President, graduated Magna Cum Laude, opened my own bakery at 24, Founder, Owner, Head Pastry Chef… I always had something up my sleeve because up until I closed the bakery, I went non-stop, 24/7 to be the best I could be for everyone else.

In 2018, I had no job, no income, and no title.  I had no way to define myself and for the first time in my life, I felt extremely lost.  What was I meant to do with my life?  Who was I meant to be?  What did I love to do?  What did I want to do with my spare time?  What was I doing to fit into society’s view of me?  What was I doing to please others around me?  What brought me joy?  What stressed me out?  The questions lingered throughout the year and I spent countless hours – really, the entire freaking year – trying to figure them out.

Who was the real Tara Rylie?


This year is totally different.  I am going into 2019 feeling fresh, new, vibrant, energized, and alive!!  I know who I am at my core and who I want to be.  I know where I want to take my business and I trust myself to get me there.

My goals this year are a compilation of all the things I meticulously worked through last year and as I list them here, you’ll notice I back track slightly.  To truly understand why I want to accomplish these items this year, you have to be aware of some of the ideas and thoughts in my head last year…

Personal Goals:

  1. Focus on the Little Things. 

    When I was running the bakery, I felt like the energizer bunny.  I was forever on the move.  However, for all this hustle and bustle, I never took the time to do the little things that make me feel whole.

    For example, I love putting lotion on after I get out of the shower; sounds silly, I know, but for years I simply skipped that step because, say it with me, I DIDN’T HAVE TIME.  Truth is, it takes two minutes and I definitely had/have that time.  Especially because it is something SO SMALL that makes me feel so fantastic inside!  I can’t explain it, it just does.

    A few other little things that make a huge difference for me are painting my toenails.  I feel like a complete wreck when they are half-painted/chipped.  Again, five minutes every two weeks and I look put together, which in turn makes me feel put together.

    The same goes for picking out my outfit. When I just throw on clothes and run out the door, I look exactly like I feel: a rushed, hot mess.  Again, taking the few minutes to look good on the outside makes me feel like a million bucks on the inside!  And that feeling brings me self-confidence and power.

    Other little things I intend to focus on: 10 minute stretch sessions morning and night, hand writing thank you notes and birthday cards, taking my vitamins daily, drinking more water, and remembering to breathe deep more often.

    The thing is, is all these little things take up way less time than the amount of time it takes for us to give excuse after excuse as to why we aren’t doing them in the first place.

    So suck it up, let your excuses go, and focus on all the little things that empower you and make you feel whole.

  2. Continue to travel and adventure more.

    Last year I did an amazing job at this!!  I spent four weeks in Hawaii on two separate trips, I went to Iceland, Norway, and the Arctic Circle, I saw polar bears, swam with dolphins, fed manta rays, overcame my fear of water, did a true polar plunge, spent a week fishing, went on three hockey trips with Ben, and even jumped out of an airplane to get married!!


    It was through all of these adventures that I found whom I was and whom I wanted to be going forward.  Thus, it probably goes without saying, I will continue to travel, explore, learn, and adventure in 2019.  Life simply wouldn’t be the same without it.

  3. Continue to work on my mental/emotional self. 

    Feeling so lost last year didn’t exactly suite me well.  I was totally out of comfort zone in navigating my feelings and getting back to feeling grounded.  But in doing so, I figured out just how much I love myself regardless of what anyone else thinks of me.  So, I want to continue on this journey of growth and exploration through mediation, journaling, and some good old fashion alone time every now and then in order to further develop my inner self.  I am pretty damn excited for it!!


Business Goals:

Though in my personal life I have decided to focus on the smaller things to make the biggest difference, I have decided to do just the opposite for my business.  This year my goal is to GO BIG OR GO HOME in every aspect of RylieCakes.

  1. Blog at least once a week.

    Last year I started blogging and it was a terrifying experience for me.  I was so scared for folks to read my words, my thoughts, my hopes, and my dreams.  What would they think?  Would they judge me?

    I was also afraid I was taking on too much – a new book, flour blends, and a blog…how on earth was I going to do it all?

    Lastly, I thought it’d be okay if I didn’t post constantly because it really didn’t matter, people didn’t honestly want to hear what I had to say.

    I let my fears take over last year.  I let them get the best of me.  And because of that, I was a really shitty blogger.  I am not even sure if you could consider what I did blogging?  In any case, it was one of my biggest frustrations last year and one of my biggest letdowns.

    This year, I am determined to overcome my fears, false ideas, and negative thinking and am going to blog at least once a week.  And I welcome all of you to hold me to that!!  Let me know what you want to hear about, read about, cook, and bake.  My door is always open and I’m a really fantastic listener 🙂

  2. Publish my first cookbook by April.  BAM! 

  3. Bring my first batch of GF Flour Blends to market by April.


    I imagine my cookbook being on The Today Show, Ellen, and the local news.  I imagine my flour blends selling out time and time again as I hustle to whip them up.  And I envision my social media accounts exploding with followers as I take the time to invest in them and their interests.  I AM DREAMING BIG and cannot wait to work my ass off to make all of my dreams come true!

  5. Make a profit.  I mean, I’ve got to fuel this fabulous gluten free soul somehow!!

So there you have it – my plans for 2019 in a nutshell!!  As with all great plans, I will elaborate and adjust these throughout the year.  Add quantitative and qualitative values to each as I proceed.  Add milestones, highlights, and smaller activities to capture and complete the larger goals I’ve set to conquer.

I plan to LEAN INTO MY PURPOSE in 2019 and share with you something real.  I want to take you on this journey with me through entrepreneurship and launching my own business and I want to be honest with you about it.  I do not want to post unattainable photos of an idealistic lifestyle that doesn’t actually exist.  I want to share with you my business and my life in its truest form.  I hope you can appreciate that and are excited to hop on this gravy train because it’s going to be one helluva ride!!!

Lick the Bowl – It’s Gluten Free,

Tara Rylie